Edvard Munch e peintre norvégien qui criait à travers la peinture

Edvard Munch

Born in 1863, Edvard Munch is a Norwegian painter, considered a forerunner of Expressionism.
His childhood was marked by the loss of his mother at the age of 5; he was raised by his father, who suffered from a mental illness. The suffering and pain both for illnesses and for family problems have characterized his entire life and his pictorial language, extremely personal, is a synthesis of the anguish and pain that he feels.
His emotions are represented by a series of contrasting lines, dark tones and shapes that are at the same time simple but exaggerated.

The Scream is his most famous painting and is the symbol of the Norwegian painter's existential torment.

When he died in 1944, all his works were donated to the Norwegian government which, in his honour and as a sign of gratitude, built the Munch Museum of Art.

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Le Cri

Réalisé en 1893, huile, détrempe et pastels sur carton, l'œuvre a été peinte en quatre versions, dont l'une a été placée dans la galerie nationale...
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Les Filles sur le Pont

L'œuvre originale date d'environ 1902 et se trouve aujourd'hui au Musée Pouchkine de Moscou. Ce tableau a été peint par Edvard Munch à...
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Fille par la Fenêtre

L'œuvre originale date de 1893 et est conservée à l’Institute d’Art de Chicago. Le tableau se déroule pendant la nuit et le clair de lune...
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