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Wall clocks


"Since Time is not a person we can overtake when he is gone, let us honor him with mirth and cheerfulness of heart while he is passing" said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

We offer you time in the form of artistic images that will show you something more than the seconds, minutes and hours that pass. Colorful wall clocks of various shapes and sizes, suitable for your home or office or waiting rooms, where a pleasant image will make the flow of time less slow

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Sunset on the sea

A vertical clock that will take us to the sea to watch the sunset; in the distance we will hear the waves breaking on the rocks while a light sea...
Da €65.00

Bamboo canes on the lake

This vertical clock to hang on the wall makes us feel as if we were on holiday on the lake in a beautiful sunny spring day, while a small boat...
Da €65.00

White and red pyramids

A series of white and red pyramidal shapes seen from above dot this vertical watch in the shades of white that remind us of geometry and its...
Da €65.00

Details in red

This rectangular shaped clock to hang vertically shows us a woman's face in black and white with two details in red: glasses and lips; they...
Da €65.00

White tulip

Tulips, tulips and tulips! This inscription appears several times in the lower part of this rectangular clock while a single white tulip is shown...
Da €65.00

Sky and Sea

The sky and the sea represented on this rectangular clock whisper to us to never give up. Nature teaches us to face hard times with serenity and...
Da €65.00

Path to the blue sea

White sands and blue sea invite us to the beautiful beach beyond the sea path depicted on this rectangular clock that takes us back on holiday in...
Da €65.00

Carpe Diem

This square clock whispers to us to seize the day: Carpe diem. The clock hands and the sentence in black stand out smartly on the dial in the...
Da €50.00

A little girl from another era

White background for this rectangular clock on which is drawn the image of a young girl with a jaunty air wearing a big pink hat and a summer...
Da €65.00

Two lovebirds among the flowers

Roman numerals and black hands rest on a shabby style background; two lovebirds are cooing among red, yellow and pink roses while a grey heart and...
Da €50.00


This square clock looks like wood, like the inscription "Love" that stands out in white against the brown background together with two hearts...
Da €50.00

Coloured Wood

Wooden slats in pastel colours are the background for this country style square watch with black hands and numbers. Perfect for a kitchen and any...
Da €50.00