Advertising posters from the late 1800s and early 1900s


Our vintage metal prints are reproductions of advertising posters from the late 1800s and early 1900s.
Old posters that bring back the memory of times gone by and that are pieces of history.
They are an unusual piece of furniture; an original gift idea; a decoration of your work space and much more!

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A. Giove & Co.

The Steam Plant "A. Giove & Co." was an award-winning manufacturer of confectionery and chocolate in 1891.
Da €54.00

About Paris

About Paris. Edward Penfield, 1895
Da €54.00

Absinthe Berthelot

Absinthe Berthelot. Henri Thiriet, 1895
Da €54.00

Albrecht Durer Bleistift

Advertising of the Lyra-Bleisftift pen factory in Nuremberg
Da €54.00

Aperitivo Rossi

Aperitivo Rossi. Work by Jean Droit for Martini Rossi
Da €54.00

Automobile Calendar for 1906

Automobile Calendar for 1906. 1905 work by American artist Edward Penfield
Da €54.00

Baratti & Milano

Illustration from 1928. Baratti & Milano, chocolate candies.
Da €54.00

Berliner Standard

Austrian radio advertisement of 1933/1934
Da €54.00

Birra Itala Pilsen

1920. Itala Pilsen Beer from Padua Poster
Da €54.00

Brasserie Lengrand

Brasserie Lengrand. G. Piana Dorival, 1927
Da €54.00

Odeon Casino

Odeon Casino. Walter Schnackenberg, 1911
Da €54.00

Caffé Espresso

Caffè Espresso Servizio Istantaneo. Vincenzo Ceccanti. ca. 1900
Da €54.00