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Infernal wave

This infernal wave comes directly from a science fiction movie in which we are teleported in time into an infinite universe where we travel on...

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Interlocking Colors

A stepped canvas that both fractures and consolidates the modern aesthetic. As the colors slot together, delimited by the shadowed black, you...

Blue Lunar

Windows of color that speak to one another and connect across the landscape of the stepped canvas. The circular features begin to speak to you...

Eminent Specter

The stepped style of the canvases sets the scene and allows the black shades to tell the story. As you move into the secondary layer you come to...

Winter Cherry Blossom

As the cherry blossoms flourish in the snow, you see the beauty of a natural color contrast. White behemoths that sit in the background serve as...

Distant Summer

When you want to look out at the ocean and experience the power of nature, there’s nothing more reassuring than seeing the sun setting on the...

Golden Gate Journey

Looking in awe at one of mankind’s great industrial constructions is a reflective process that allows you to find the starting point for your own...

Birds in Flight

Walking in the sun and experiencing the wonder of nature allows you to free yourself from the stresses and strains of the working day. The sun...

Sand Underfoot

Walking down into the pure sand and getting to experience that sea breeze in your hair is an experience that lives in the memory. It helps set...

Light Break

The light flows gently through the canopy and dances with the natural creations that it finds and it allows you to get lost in the moment at the...

Gazing Sunset

Gazing out on the water and seeing the sky meet the ocean is what liberating oneself from everyday life is all about. As the sun begins to set...

Calmer Waters

Treading a path that feels familiar, but along which you’ve never travelled, can be a surreal experience. Here you see a land many thousands of...