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Elegant bloom

Dark background makes the three corollas with soft and luminous petals the absolute protagonists. The asymmetric compositional play is refined and...

Japanese spring

Air, earth and water frame and enhance the development of a twisted cherry tree. The white flowers shine bright while embellishing the opaque...

Field of sunflowers

These three panels would bring light into the darkest of caves: the yellow sunflowers are as bright as the sun. In the foreground sunflowers are...

Autumn leaves

This canvas radiates a great light, like the smile of a sunny and friendly person who welcomes you with open arms. The flowered tree is a symbol of...

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Defined areas

This canvas communicates everything and the opposite of everything: the precise subdivision of the space is opposed to the colours and lines that...

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Colorful flocks

These soft flakes of colour twirl in the white background holding hands through yellow dancing strings that wind from one side of the painting to...

Love trees

These three panels represent three wonderful trees that release peace, love and good feelings. Warm and cold colours come together and remind us,...
Da €180.00

The tree of life (3 panels)

The original work is a mosaic of precious metals that decorates the dining room of Stoclet Palace in Brussels; it is a marvellous example of Art...
Da €220.00

Reflected mountains

These three panels depict a group of mountains that are reflected on a large lake with transparent, calm and placid waters. The highest mountains...