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Oriental style

Elegance and refinement have always been characteristics of oriental art that emits an incomparable and mysterious charm.

The originality derives from the combination of inspiration from an ancient craft tradition and subsequent cultural elaboration. The sharpness of the lines, the vivacity of the colours and the plain style give a touch of preciousness to a contemporary furnishing.

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It is essential the double colour and the precise and clean lines that outline an expressiveness steeped in oriental essence. it is original, and...

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Japanese spring

Air, earth and water frame and enhance the development of a twisted cherry tree. The white flowers shine bright while embellishing the opaque...

Maternal love

This work, full of an extraordinary emotional charge, represents with great sweetness and depth the feeling that is universally recognized as the...

Sleeping statue

Soft sketches of paint seem to appear throughout the painting that depicts a woman's face, or a statue, with eyes closed. The white face and...

Visit to the temple

The entrance to the temple and the entire background are painted in different shades of grey that highlight, by contrast, the orange colour of the...