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Landscapes and views

The representation of natural scenarios has always excited us. That's why sea, country or mountain views or simple sunsets and nocturnal landscapes arouse in those who admire them pleasant and soothing sensations that drown in the many colors that compose them. In any type of furniture the landscape has a possible place.

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White houses in Tunis

These large and imposing rectangular figures with small doors and small windows remind us of the houses of a warm and sunny city like Tunis, where...

Summer hills

Two cypress trees stand out behind a lonely small white house on the hills which show the different colours of the summer.

Lonely landing

The sky, the clouds, the coast in the distance, the sea and the sand on which the small white and blue boat rests. No other element appears in this...

Friendly woods

Perhaps because of the light that illuminates the painting from the top right, perhaps due to the reddish leaves, these branches almost naked in...

Outskirts of town

This city is seen from afar, in fuzzy colours that do not allow a clear and bright vision, but only a blurred one; as if, after a dip in the river...

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Relaxing on a sailboat

This painting seems almost a drawing, you immediately notice the strong contrast between the blue light of the sea and of the sky and the dark...