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Hand painted prints

High quality digital prints on canvas. They are embellished by hand with skilful brushstrokes that highlight details to give life to the work.

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Girl with hat and tie

The red of the hat and tie is in great contrast, and therefore highlighted, with the white of the shirt, which blends in that of the background and...

Flowered window

The lilac colour of the shutters recalls Provence and the Mediterranean villages of Southern France. The green of ivy and of the leaves of the...


This couple of coloured zebras are cuddling by rubbing each other's nose while exchanging tender looks. The colours give a touch of joy and make...

Blue eyes

This black and white canvas embellished with brushstrokes in different shades of blue and light blue reminds us that in one’s look you can read...

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The dragonfly

A thousand colours for this joyful dragonfly that rests on a dandelion. The brush strokes are dense and make up the body of the insect as well as...


Bottles, bottles and more bottles! Colours, colours and more colours! This canvas is perfect on a very light wall, even better if all white. The...

Sensual lips

Nothing stands out more than a pair of red lips on a white face, full lips in a perfectly outlined shape. The red is illuminated by the light which...

Blue peonies

Peonies are defined as "roses without thorns" to underline the beauty of this flower which is a symbol of romantic love stories. These blue peonies...

The eagle

Eagle or parrot? The power that is transmitted by the image allows us to respond "Eagle" without delay. The bird seems to come out of the canvas...

The biker

The rhythms of life in the cities are nowadays more and more sedentary and bicycles bring in our lives a touch of lively cheer and good mood...

Dance lesson

Dance has always been associated with grace and delicacy in movement, along with the physical strength and agility needed to practice it. And which...

The puppy

What could be more tender and lively than a chubby big-legged puppy looking at you with innocent eyes? The brushstrokes of colour express all the...