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Artistic and natural wonders

What could be more soothing and pleasant for the eye of those who look at it than a painting depicting landscapes? In this rich section you can choose between different subjects, styles and shades of colors. Maritime, mountain, country, night and sunset landscapes.

It is the colour that as the matter organizes itself in the landscape, just as it is the look that organizes nature. The choice is wide for any type of furniture.

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American Icon

The GoldenGate Bridge is iconic and it is set to stand for a century in all its glory. The industrial heritage that it pays homage to is testament...

Birds in Flight

Walking in the sun and experiencing the wonder of nature allows you to free yourself from the stresses and strains of the working day. The sun...

Calmer Shores

The sea can be a source of great power; and yet at the same time it is also the origins of life and much of the calm and beauty that comes with...

Calmer Waters

Treading a path that feels familiar, but along which you’ve never travelled, can be a surreal experience. Here you see a land many thousands of...

Colourful neighborhood

This group of colourful houses, very close to each other, gently cheer up; they are perched on a slope and they are probably facing the sea. The...
Da €115.00

Dense forest of birch trees

It is daytime, and this dense birch forest does not allow the sight to reach the sky except in very small spaces scattered among the tops of the...
Da €115.00

Distant Ocean

Your journey begins on the sea, watching as the water undulates and flows. Its texture is transient and it makes you sit and reflect on the...

Distant Summer

When you want to look out at the ocean and experience the power of nature, there’s nothing more reassuring than seeing the sun setting on the...

Forest of Peace

Follow your dreams and explore the wilderness. They take you through the trees, up through the clouds and finally you sit above the hills. They...

Gazing Sunset

Gazing out on the water and seeing the sky meet the ocean is what liberating oneself from everyday life is all about. As the sun begins to set...

Glimpse of daily peace at the sea

This canvas gives us a feeling of warmth and silence; it brings us to the moment of afternoon rest in the heat of the Mediterranean summer, when...
Da €115.00

Golden Gate Journey

Looking in awe at one of mankind’s great industrial constructions is a reflective process that allows you to find the starting point for your own...