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What could be more soothing and pleasant for the eye of those who look at it than a painting depicting landscapes? In this rich section you can choose between different subjects, styles and shades of colors. Maritime, mountain, country, night and sunset landscapes.

It is the colour that as the matter organizes itself in the landscape, just as it is the look that organizes nature. The choice is wide for any type of furniture.

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Liveliness in Burano, the colorful island

This is a colourful, cheerful and sunny picture. The houses of all colours overlook the paved street in the centre of the wonderful island of...

Colourful neighborhood

This group of colourful houses, very close to each other, gently cheer up; they are perched on a slope and they are probably facing the sea. The...

Glimpse of daily peace at the sea

This canvas gives us a feeling of warmth and silence; it brings us to the moment of afternoon rest in the heat of the Mediterranean summer, when...

Dense forest of birch trees

It is daytime, and this dense birch forest does not allow the sight to reach the sky except in very small spaces scattered among the tops of the...

Metropolitan ambience

This beautiful canvas is very particular in the colours of yellow and brown; a large black and white insert depicts majestic metropolitan buildings...

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