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ITALY (excluding the minor islands and free zones)

Free delivery

AUSTRIA                                   FRANCE*                                        NETHERLANDS

BELGIUM                                   GERMANY                                        SPAIN

DENMARK                                  LUXEMBOURG                                              

*Excluded Corsica

Euro 6,00 per delivery

BULGARIA                                 LATVIA                                            RUMANIA

CROATIA                                   LITHUANIA                                      SLOVAKIA

ESTONIA                                   SLOVENIA                                        POLAND

FINLAND                                   PORTUGAL**                                    SWEDEN

GREECE                                    UNITED KINGDOM                            HUNGARY

IRLAND                                    CZECH REPUBLIC          

**Excluded Azores and Madeira.

Euro 10,00 per delivery

For destinations not on the list, ask for a customized quote

Attention: All additional costs related to the local transport of the goods (e.g. customs tariffs or import VAT) are to be borne by the consignee. Our shipping rates reflect basic shipping costs, but do not include customs fees, taxes and other country-specific charges.