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This style is marked by the use of costumes and jewelry with a strong ethnic appeal or dances performed in groups. You feel the call of the magical atmosphere of the African continent.

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Elegant nature

Even in nature, elegance is a must! Just observe the grace and the class with which this wonderful woman-grasshopper poses on the canvas.

African coulors

The colours are the protagonists of this painting that would be able to heat the coldest of rooms with its mere presence. They are hot, like the...

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Queen of Africa

This painting depicts a majestic figure of an African woman who is looking at something in front of her. The upright position and the straight...

Tribal ritual

Stylized figures rise straight on a white background. They are depicted with imprecise black brushstrokes and covered with red clothes. As a whole,...


The representation of these two narrow and long masks is very peculiar: large noses and big prominent lips, huge eyes and tribal signs painted on...

Natural charme

The female figure is depicted with different shades of brown, like the bright background against which she stands, upright and graceful; bare and...

Back from fount

The woman represented in this painting is coming back from the source holding an amphora on her left shoulder with her hand. Her right hand resting...

Proud performance

This very dark-skinned woman is depicted in profile with her hand resting on her side as she proudly shows her figure. The background is painted...