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The latest trends in production techniques and subjects.

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Whirls in the space

The partially visible shapes of these three vortices shine brightly; they are made with careful precision. The slightly iridescent golden hue of...

Crowd of colors

It is tenacious this chaotic but not random overlap, aimed at creating a riot of white, blue and black squared particles, shining on a bright...

Crossing Space

Bands of countless colours convert into a polychrome apex. The drafting of each colourful stroke is masterly. The backgrounds are wide and thick....

Silver spiral

If this work could speak, it would simply say "look at me!". Nothing else. The framework is simple and essential, almost painfully; starting from...

Stone mosaic

Light colours become dark if we let the eye flow from the outside towards the centre of the painting. The rectangular figures look like porphyry...

Diabolical temptation

A captivating look and contrasting colours are in the centre of this painting that goes from red to blue, passing through some lighter brushstrokes.

Infernal wave

This infernal wave comes directly from a science fiction movie in which we are teleported in time into an infinite universe where we travel on...

Autumn leaves

This canvas radiates a great light, like the smile of a sunny and friendly person who welcomes you with open arms. The flowered tree is a symbol of...

Defined areas

This canvas communicates everything and the opposite of everything: the precise subdivision of the space is opposed to the colours and lines that...

Colorful flocks

These soft flakes of colour twirl in the white background holding hands through yellow dancing strings that wind from one side of the painting to...

Colored lightning

The multi-coloured dotted light stands out strongly in this green and shaded background. This canvas is very original and very pleasant to look at,...

Gold ban

Red background, created by thick brushstrokes and colour charges, it is cut in half by a thick, golden and very shaded band. This canvas is bright...