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Floral patterns and fruits

We could call it a universal style. In this category you will surely find the picture suitable for your furniture for variety of subjects, colors and styles. Some of the prints in this section recall contemporary hyperrealist, almost photographic, painting.

The colours and strong contrasts, the meticulous details give a lively touch to embellish your walls.From the minimalist to the abstract, from the figurative to the naïf, the floral subject makes every room warm and welcoming.

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Ruffled flowers

Golden and smooth background for this set of flowers in the foreground, sprinkled with white lines and just sketchy leaves.

Floral shrubs

The close-up captures the viewer together with the involving, warm and evenly spread colours. Each shrub is full of flesh like leaves, which seem...

Autumn hedge

It seems to conceal the sight of something this tall hedge full of oval-shaped leaves. The shades of the desert dunes are reminiscent of the soft,...

Elegant bloom

Dark background makes the three corollas with soft and luminous petals the absolute protagonists. The asymmetric compositional play is refined and...

Field of sunflowers

These three panels would bring light into the darkest of caves: the yellow sunflowers are as bright as the sun. In the foreground sunflowers are...


Two white calla lilies on a dark background seem to come out of the painting thanks to the expert brushstrokes, that suggest marvellous...

Poppies horizon

An endless field of poppies and yellow flowers occupies the whole painting; the red colour of the flowers in the foreground catches the eye, while...