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Characters and daily life

Faces and people are the biggest spectacle you can see.

The variety of characters and their unique styles are endless. Even on the walls of a room.

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Inhibitions without veils

Two often conflicting feelings find a perfect balance in this warm and gentle work. Desire and tenderness blend together in the elegant and...

Shadows and sights

This picture with bright and brilliant shades is the portrait of a young woman with delicate and fascinating traits. Particularly interesting is...

A walk in the rain

These three tourists with their colourful red and orange umbrellas do not give in to the rain and the greyness of this day, but they visit the...

In love under the rain

The night in the street embrances a man and a woman who walk hugging each other under an umbrella illuminated by a lit street lamp. Black and white...

Two bodies, one soul

A man and a woman leaning against each other's back, joined by the hand he holds to her and by her long hair enveloping both. The clear blue sky...

Girl on stage

Very clear background for this painting in black and white: girl's face with microphone intent on singing with half-closed eyes and inclined head,...

Spring explosion

This multicoloured painting is very peculiar. It strikes the contrast between the upper part, painted with long and straight brush strokes that...


The geometric figures that form this painting are interrupted only by the soft and sinuous lines used to depict the face and the hair of this woman...

A tender rest

A figure of a woman resting her face on her arms, asleep, is at the centre of this painting, with a large purple butterfly resting on her shoulder...

After bathing

In a small room, in front of a closed door, a woman is sitting on a chair, bent over herself while putting on a sock. She is probably getting...

Luxury relax

This painting represents a moment of luxurious relaxation: some fruit and a soft bed are at the disposal of this girl who is resting without veils,...

Blurry shapes in the wind

A man and a woman on the beach are walking on the shore while the wind envelops them overbearingly. The wind is represented by the artist through...