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Abstract painting

Abstractionism represented one of the most discussed artistic currents of the twentieth century for the way of considering, treating and representing the real.

The prints in this section give an original interpretation that is different from the traditional canons, offering inspiration to give new shapes and colours to contemporary furnishings.

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Out of focus

A very unique and peculiar painting, whose interpretation is extremely subjective. Everything in this work can be a reason for contrasts or doubts....

New world

An intangible border and two surreal colours. Four footprints to witness the passage of a man. And the feeling that there is something different...

I love you

Love is as bright as white, which dominates this painting, where some red, yellow and black brush strokes also appear. In the middle of the...

Seismic event

On the graphs of the scientists the earthquake could be read like this painting, in a thousand colours that show the thousand causes and effects...

Gost stains

All these long spots of paint that stretch on the cobalt blue background tending to purple remind me so many happy ghosts that wander in remote,...

Dancing lightness

Two stylized figures are dancing together, with a light background surrounded by darker shades that form an imperfect frame. The man and the woman...