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Handmade paintings


Oil paintings on canvas taking you into a dimension composed of art, dance, landscapes and flowers, resulting in modern paintings, classical paintings and abstract paintings.

Original compositions, fruit of the mind of painters. Each canvas is worked individually, the hand of the artist is guided by passion and perfection is guaranteed thanks to his experience.

The everyday and the expected make way for abstract, pop and vintage realities or spectacular landscapes and scenes of life.

Our oil paintings are strictly handmade. The subjects are the most varied: Vintage paintings, bright and bright colors give life to the pop style, classic subjects represented with taste such as flowers, coffee, dance and animals, that always amaze the observer.

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Simple background for the green cat

It’s nice and funny this big green cat standing on its thin legs. A clear and essential background is needed.

Summer hills

Two cypress trees stand out behind a lonely small white house on the hills which show the different colours of the summer.

Ruffled flowers

Golden and smooth background for this set of flowers in the foreground, sprinkled with white lines and just sketchy leaves.

Cat next to a woman

The woman is comfortably relaxed and at ease amongst summer colours, fruit, soft and reddish cushions; she looks like an inspiring muse. Her dark...

Faces mosaic

Six brightly coloured frames enclose each one the same shape which is always revived and painted with different and combined shades. It tastefully...

Whirls in the space

The partially visible shapes of these three vortices shine brightly; they are made with careful precision. The slightly iridescent golden hue of...

Floral shrubs

The close-up captures the viewer together with the involving, warm and evenly spread colours. Each shrub is full of flesh like leaves, which seem...

Autumn hedge

It seems to conceal the sight of something this tall hedge full of oval-shaped leaves. The shades of the desert dunes are reminiscent of the soft,...

Animal community

The vivid glances of these zebras held by a fraternal closeness express tranquillity. It is timeless the animal charm of pure white stripes in...

Elegant bloom

Dark background makes the three corollas with soft and luminous petals the absolute protagonists. The asymmetric compositional play is refined and...


It is essential the double colour and the precise and clean lines that outline an expressiveness steeped in oriental essence. it is original, and...

Japanese spring

Air, earth and water frame and enhance the development of a twisted cherry tree. The white flowers shine bright while embellishing the opaque...