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Théophile Alexandre Steinlen the painter and engraver of Art Nouveau

Théophile Alexandre Steinlen

Swiss-born painter and engraver, born in 1859 in Lausanne, he lived mainly in France.
In his artistic life he has focused on images of cats in a wide range of styles, such as Realism, Art Nouveau, Post-Impressionism.
Very famous his poster of the local Chat Noir.
He collaborated assiduously with various periodicals narrating with his drawings moments of everyday life.
He was also politically engaged and was a socialist deputy.
He died in Paris in 1923

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Summer, Cat on a balustrade

"Come to my heart in love, my beautiful cat: hold the claws and let me sink into your beautiful eyes, mixed with agate and metal," Charles...
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Tournée du Chat Noir

This masterpiece, a lithography, is created in 1896 as a sign to be displayed on the door of the Parisian restaurant where Théophile-Alexandre...
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The original work dates back to 1899 and is kept at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, in Barcelona, Spain. The Swiss artist Théophile...
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