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Paul Klee the expression of abstractionism

Paul Klee

Paul Klee is a German painter, born in Switzerland and is considered one of the most famous painters of classical modernism.
His work contains elements of expressionism, surrealism and cubism

He joined the group "Der blaue Reiter" which had as its central figures Kandinsky and Marc.
The 1914 trip together with Macke was a key moment in his artistic life as he was felt to be a complete painter, who had implanted himself with colour.

He had been teaching for over 10 years, devoting himself passionately to didactics before retiring permanently to his native country, Switzerland, where he died in 1940.

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Hammamet with the Mosque

The journey in Tunisia that Paul Klee undertakes with August Macke, during which he begins and completes 13 drawings and 35 watercolours, generates...
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The original work is dated 1930. In this painting the artist represents a man through stylized forms: the figure is reduced to simple lines,...
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The original work is dated 1922 and is kept at the Kunst Museum in Basel, Switzerland, the artist's birthplace. The term "senecio", title of the...
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Burg und Sonne (Castle and Sun)

This work is dated 1928 and it is one of the paintings in which you can admire all the influence that travels in Italy and in North Africa have...
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Woman Awakening

According to Klee "Abstraction in art has the task of making the invisible visible". Consequently, art is a speech on reality, not a mere...

Small Rhytmic Landscape

The concept of painting as a rhythm comes from Klee's love for music, as well as from the images of the African landscape that remain in his mind....
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Highway and byways

The original work is dated 1929 and is kept at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany. This painting is made up of crossed lines that want to...
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Red Baloon

The original work by Paul Klee is dated 1922 and is kept at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. On this canvas, too, Paul Klee wants...

Cat and Bird

The original work by Paul Klee is dated 1928 and it is on display at the MoMA in New York. The cat represented is probably dreaming of chasing...