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Max Liebermann a German impressionist persecuted by the Nazis

Max Liebermann

German painter and engraver of Jewish religion, known for his naturalistic studies on the life and work of the poor. Born in Berlin in 1847.
It was first influenced by realism.
The direct simplicity of his first painting, entitled Women Plucking Geese (1872), was in contrast with the Romantically idealized art of the time.

After 1890 his style was influenced by the French Impressionist painters Édouard Manet and Edgar Degas.

In the last years of his life he suffered the Nazi persecution.
He died in Berlin in 1935.

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Two riders on a beach

The original work is dated 1901. His background is a beach, where two riders riding their horses are strolling. The man dressed in light turns his...
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The Terrace at The Restaurant Jacob in Nienstedten

The original work by Max Liebermann is dated 1902-1903 and it is on display at the Hamburger Kunsthalle in Hamburg, Germany. In this painting,...