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Juan Gris the Cubist friend of Picasso and Braque

Juan Gris

Juan Gris is the pseudonym of José Victoriano González Pérez. Spanish painter and sculptor pioneer of Cubism of which he can be considered one of the greatest exponents after Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.

There were two crucial years in his life. The first was in 1906. In that year he moved to Paris, France and never returned to his native Spain.
The reasons behind this decision were many: first the death of his father, then the desire to avoid military service and not least the desire to mature his artistic career in the city which was considered the capital of the pictorial avant-garde and to lead a bohemian life.

Just in 1906, on his arrival in Paris, he made friends with Pablo Picasso. A painter already established at that time and who introduced him to Cubism, a style that Gris would maintain throughout his artistic career.

The second crucial year was 1912.
This was the year in which he established himself with his personal style within the Cubist avant-garde with what is called "synthetic cubism". And it was again in 1912 that he met Fernande Herpin, better known as Josette, a French woman who gave him sentimental stability and was his companion until his death.
His search for new forms of expression continued, moving from the added collage to the diagonal organizational texture, to the influence of Matisse's Fauvism and the bursting of color in his works.

The last years of his life were characterized by disease. Josette was always close to him until his death in 1927 in Boulogne-sur-Seine, near Paris.

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