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John William Godward the English Victorian neoclassical painter

John William Godward

London painter and exponent of Victorian Neoclassicism, he romantically paints naked or classically dressed girls, almost as if they were statues, immersed in graceful environments, such as his style.
His paintings express a certain melancholy, which is accompanied by the beauty of his subjects and the delicate atmosphere that surrounds them.

The advance of the avant-garde of the early twentieth century soon made him fall into oblivion because his style was not appreciated.
Perhaps this was one of the reasons why he committed suicide at the age of 61.

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The original work is dated 1910 and it is part of a private collection. London painter, exponent of Victorian Neoclassicism, Godward paints this...
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When the heart is young

This work is dated 1902 and it is by the London painter John William Godward, one of the leading exponents of Victorian Neoclassicism. This...
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