Jan Vermeer the Dutch master of light

Jan Vermeer

Dutch painter, lover of warm colours and closed environments. Skillful in the use of light and colors, he manages to give life to everything he portrays.

Johannes van der Meer's artistic production is rather limited, perhaps due to the extreme precision with which he took care of all the details, from the raw materials he used and their preparation to the creation of the canvas, which forced him to make the canvas with relatively long times. It consists mainly of representations of bourgeois daily life with women engaged in their jobs or pastimes.

Its technical peculiarity consists in the punctuated or "pointillé" color, which allows it transparent colors and to give prominence to objects. His predilection is for the colours blue and yellow, which we find in many of his works.
His most famous painting is "Girl with a Pearl Earring" or "Girl with a Turban," a subject from which were taken a book by Marta Morazzoni in 1986 and a film in 2003 starring actress Scarlett Johansson.

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The Allegory of Painting (The Art of Painting)

The original work dates around 1666 and is preserved in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Jan Vermeer depicts a painter from behind as he...
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The Milkmaid

The original work probably dates back to 1657-58 and it is now kept at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Looking at this painting by...
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Girl with a Pearl Earring

The Girl with the pearl earring, also called Girl with a turban or Monna Lisa Dutch is a work by Jan Vermeer, a 17th century Dutch painter. It is...
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