Henri Rousseau a sophisticated and original autodidact

Henri Rousseau

French naif painter, self-taught. Even today it is known as "Le Dounaier", since it began to paint when he was still in the customs profession.

He was much appreciated by the great artists of his time, but not by critics who considered him an artist of little talent and unable to represent reality faithfully.

He overcame tradition with his naivety, his imaginative style and his bright colours.
Just in the year of his death, 1910 created "The Dream", his most important work: a journey into an unreal imaginative world that at the same time fascinates and intrigues a kind of terror in the viewer.

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The Dream

The original work is dated 1910 and is kept at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, USA. In "The dream", in the foreground, a naked woman named...

The Sleeping Gipsy


A Centennial of Independence