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Gustav Klimt the protagonist of the Viennese Secession

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt was born in Vienna in 1862 to a goldsmith father and an opera expert mother. He studied and attended art and crafts school in Austria until 1883. He was asked to make important decorations such as those in the courtyard of the Museum of Art History in Vienna, painted the Four Allegories of the Sturani Palace in Vienna, decorated the ceiling of the Karlsbad Kurhaus, and decorated some panels for the Burgtheater. Recognition and increasingly important and prestigious assignments arrived early, but when father and brother died, he stopped working for 6 years, and met his eternal companion Emilie Floge.

Klimt's works such as "Love" of 1895 already had peculiarities typical of his future paintings, moving away from academic tradition. In 1897, together with 19 colleagues, he founded the Viennese secession, to bring art out of tradition and out of its rigid rules, and to allow a rebirth of arts and crafts without suggestions or obligations to adopt a precise style. In 1903 he was in Ravenna and the Byzantine mosaics had, as we can well admire in "The Kiss", an enormous influence on his works. Gold dominated everything in this golden period of the Austrian painter. The decorations of Palazzo Stoclet led to works such as "The Tree of Life". In 1909 he entered into a great artistic and personal crisis and the golden period ended; his style was influenced by the works of Matisse, Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec, with the consequent abandonment of gold and art nouveau. The mature period was also influenced by Egon Schiele and the impressionism of Claude Monet. He sought naturalness and spontaneity using more colors and fewer lines and gold. He exhibited a lot and won prizes for his life-long work. He died in 1918 as a result of a stroke.

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Lady with fan

Klimt paints this work between 1917 and 1918, his last year of life. The lady with a fan he portrays is a sophisticated and sensual woman. Her...
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Flowers Garden

The original work is dated 1907 and has been auctioned, for the first time, to an anonymous collector for 56 million euros in London at the...
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The Kiss (particular)

This is a detail of the original work “The Kiss” which is exhibited today at the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna and is a masterpiece of Klimt's...
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The Kiss (Klimt)

"The kiss" is the most famous work of the artist Gustav Klimt. Painted between 1907-1908, it is now housed in the Österreichische Galerie...
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The tree of life

The original work is a mosaic of precious metals that decorates the dining room of Stoclet Palace in Brussels and it is a marvellous example of...
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The Virgin

The original work is located at the Narodni Galerie in Prague and was depicted in 1913. Klimt paints seven women "tangled" with each other; their...
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The three ages (particular)

"The Three Ages of Woman" is a painting by Gustav Klimt produced in 1905 and today preserved in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. Through the...
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The original work is dated 1895 and it is kept at the Neue Pinakothek in Munich, Germany. The painting, achieved by Klimt at a young age, contains...
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Adele Bloch-Bauer I

This work was realized in 1907. The protagonist of the painting is Adele Bloch-Bauer, a cultured and sophisticated woman, presumed lover of Klimt...
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The original work is dated 1907-1908 and is kept in a private collection in Austria. Gustav Klimt draws inspiration from Greek mythology: the girl...
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The tree of life (3 panels)

The original work is a mosaic of precious metals that decorates the dining room of Stoclet Palace in Brussels; it is a marvellous example of Art...
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Water Snakes II

The original work of Gustav Klimt dates back to 1904-1907. Four figures of women or mermaids or water snakes are stretched horizontally among...
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