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Giovanni Giacometti the renovator of Swiss painting

Giovanni Giacometti

Swiss painter born in 1868, first of the dynasty of artists with the name Giacometti, he was father of the famous sculptor, painter and engraver Alberto Giacometti.

At the beginning of his career as a painter he had to overcome difficult moments, also because of the economic difficulties of his family.
He began to paint "en plein air", being able to use his studio only at 38 years of age.

Although he took part in Fauvism and Impressionism, he did not let himself be influenced by them and instead appropriated the important innovations of Swiss modernity.

He can be called a painter of light. He said in fact: "The vision of light was my childhood dream" and again: "The struggle for light is the engine of my work".  

His colourful paintings reveal an extremely luminous language of colour.

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Under the elder tree

The original work is dated 1911. The artist represents his wife Annetta and their four children, in the garden of their house. . Background of the...
Da €85.00

Pensive girl

The original work is dated 1913; the artist paints this girl who does not pose, as everything he portrays, and he translates his vision into light...
Da €85.00

Portrait of Ottilia Giacometti

The original work dates to 1912 and is kept in Switzerland in the Oskar Reinhart Collection. The painter represents his daughter Ottilia wearing...

Young Mother

The original work dates to 1910; Giovanni Giacometti portrays a young mother holding in her arms and nursing her son; it is probably his wife...