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Egon Schiele the torment and the melancholic eroticism

Egon Schiele

Austrian painter, tormented expressionist and skillful draughtsman. Eroticism and anguish often appear on his canvas, twisted figures and semi-dressed women.
His torment was also the inspiration of his creative talent with which he represented the malaise of Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.

Egon Leon Adolf Schiele was born in a small village near Vienna: Tulln an der Donau in 1890. His childhood is marked by the death of his father when Egon was only fifteen years old.
His uncle, who had become his tutor in the meantime, understood his uncommon artistic talent and enrolled him at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

He immediately experienced a personal, unconventional style. Afterwards, he had contact with Klimt, an established artist and protagonist of the Viennese Secession, and was introduced to the Viennese art scene.

His vicissitudes are countless, including his imprisonment in 1912 and the death in 1918 of his wife Edith Harms, six months pregnant, because of the Spanish fever. Followed by the artist's death after only three days

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Wally in red blouse

"Wally in a red blouse" is a painting by Egon Schiele dated 1913 and conserved at the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna. The protagonist of the portrait...

Woman in black stockings

This picture by Egon Schiele dated 1913, represents Wally Neuzil, his model and lover, lying and sensual. As in many other masterpieces, we find...

Sitting woman with legs drawn up

Egon Schiele creates this work in 1917. The only subject of the painting is Valerie Neuzil, nicknamed Wally, formerly Schiele's muse in many of...

Portrait of Wally

The original work by Egon Schiele is dated 1912 and is now kept at the Leopold Museum in Vienna. In 2010, after a legal dispute over the ownership...

Portrait of a Woman

The original work by Egon Schiele is dated 1912 and is kept in a private collection, the Heidi Horten Collection. This painting was exhibited to...