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Carl Spitzweg Bidermeier style in German painting

Carl Spitzweg

Carl Spitzweg is a German painter, an illustrious representative of the Biedermeier style.

The name Biedermeier was derogatory, but it indicates an artistic and ornamental movement widespread among the German and Austrian bourgeoisie, but also in northern Italy and the Scandinavian countries.

Spitzweg became a painter after he was a pharmacist and had experience as a newspaper illustrator.

His works portray simple moments and everyday aspects of small town life or simple activities such as the postman, the night watchman, the librarian or the street musician.

All this is represented by keeping the lights, shadows and details under control in a delicate way with a humorous veining.
His most famous works are "The Bookworm" and "The Poor Poet".

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The bookworm

This work is created around 1850 and it is now kept at the Museum Georg Schäfer in Schweinfurt, Bavaria. In this painting Spitzweg depicts with...
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