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Alfons Mucha, Art Nouveau of a painter and sculptor

Alfons Mucha

Mucha was a Czech painter and sculptor, an important artist of Art Nouveau. His works often feature young women dressed in the classical manner surrounded by floral motifs that turn into geometric frames.

She was born in today's Czech Republic in 1860 and died there in 1939, after she was occupied by Nazi troops, from whom she was interrogated because of her patriotism. Since he was a child he designed everything around him and sang in the choir of the Church; thanks to this he was able to continue his studies in Brno.

In 1879 Alfons Mucha moved to Vienna, where he found work as a painter for theatrical sets until 1881, then changed town and worked as a portrait painter until Count Eduard Khuen-Belasi became his patron and entrusted him with the decoration of some of his castles and allowed him to study in his rich library. Together they went to Italy and in 1885 Mucha, financed by the Count, managed to enter the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, very famous. Later he continued his studies in Paris from 1887 where he met Gauguin and other great artists and came into contact with Japanese art. In 1889, after the Count's financial aid had ceased, he decided to settle in Paris and found work as an illustrator in some advertising magazines. She became very well known among artists, and wealthy. In 1894 she represented the actress Sarah Bernhardt in a billboard for the comedy Gismonda and she wanted to hire him for another 6 years in which she designed jewelry posters for the theater, stage clothes and theatrical scenery. The famous actress became a super star and Mucha became increasingly appreciated.

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The Four Seasons

One of the most cherished themes of Alfons Mucha is that of the seasons. In this work four maidens are depicted in four panels arranged next to...
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Beer of the Meuse

This is an advertising poster by Czech painter and sculptor Alfons Mucha, created for the production plants of the Beers of the Meuse. The canvas...
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This work by Alfons Mucha is dated 1896 and it is one of the most important representatives of Art Nouveau. Among the works by Mucha, one of the...


This is a very famous advertising poster created in 1896 by Alfons Mucha. This poster follows the configuration that will unite all the artist's...