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Retrospective images

In the first decades of the 1900s we can say that advertising was born and the artists who made the advertising posters created an unmistakable style that became a symbol of that era.
This was the period that inspired the paintings of the Vintage section. With their bold colours, Art Nouveau images and advertising lettering, they fit into a house outside the box.

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Many doors

Doors have a great charm; on this canvas we can observe many of them and think of as many people passing through them and think of as many houses...


This canvas represents the drawing of an ancient map with a large ship in full sail loaded with sailors at work. The location is in the Pacific...


This print reminds us of the south of France and all the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The canvas looks almost like wood, on it the...

Pieces of love

Pastel colours such as water green and light blue are, together with the white and the black lettering, the colours of this romantic canvas that...

The hydrangea

Wonderful flower. On this canvas in the foreground a white hydrangea shows itself in all its splendour, in pleasant contrast with the pastel blue...