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Flowers and fruits

We could call it a universal style. In this category you will surely find the picture suitable for your furniture for variety of subjects, colors and styles.

Some of the prints in this section recall contemporary hyperrealist, almost photographic, painting. The colours and strong contrasts, the meticulous details give a lively touch to embellish your walls.

From the minimalist to the abstract, from the figurative to the naïf, the floral subject makes every room warm and welcoming.

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This canvas shows a field shower head waiting only for a slight breeze to strip off the last feathers. The contrast between the white of the flower...


Splendid open sunflowers watch us in the foreground leaning against the deep blue of the sky in the background. This canvas is bright and sunny,...

Restless contrast

The green lawn covered with red poppies appears in stark contrast to the blue sky and its white clouds behind which the sun peeks out. The bright...

White rose

Elegant and delicate, the white rose is a symbol of pure and spiritual love. This very bright canvas represents it in the splendour of the flower...

Petunia white flowers

The strong contrast between the black background and the white of the newly bloomed petunias highlights the delicacy of these wonderful flowers and...


Strong and resistant flowers, they are the symbol of dignity and perseverance, and are represented in the foreground on the canvas that shows us a...

Wild flowers

The most perfect flower will never be able to compete with a handful of wild flowers, colourful and cheerful as those depicted on this canvas,...