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Abstractionism represented one of the most discussed artistic currents of the twentieth century for the way of considering, treating and representing the real.
The prints in this section give an original interpretation that is different from the traditional canons, offering inspiration to give new shapes and colours to contemporary furnishings.

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Angelic sadness

White background with greys and black for a face in black and white in the foreground, only the lips are red, semi open in an expression of angelic...

Artistic vortices

This canvas represents a lathe in the colours of light and dark grey. The vortices represented throughout the painting form the object in the...

Colors on the marble

The background reminds us of travertine marble and the trail of colours that runs through it seems to be scattered in the air by gusts of wind. The...

Love trees

These three panels represent three wonderful trees that release peace, love and good feelings. Warm and cold colours come together and remind us,...