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Canvas prints


Canvas prints for an elegant and stylish decoration of your walls and unique decorative element for various types of ambiences.

They are made with high quality materials and attention to detail.

Many famous paintings, such as the Birth of Venus and The Girl with a Pearl Earring and many images of daily life, landscapes that will make you dream or works of new artists.

And our exclusive prints embellished by hand with skilful brushstrokes that give life to the work.

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The author Maria Rita Minelli created this composition inspired by the works of Marianne North and the photographs she took at Kew Gardens,...

Marianne North

A visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew in London, which hosts the "Gallery Marianne North", has introduced Maria Rita Minelli to this great...

William Morris

William Morris was a British draftsman, poet and writer who lived in 1800. He is considered the forerunner of modern designers and had a...

Van Gogh

Here are Maria Rita Minelli’s Van Gogh favourite works composed in a Piet Mondrian style structure. In this high-quality print on canvas are...


This composition by Maria Rita Minelli is a tribute to all the great artists of the Italian Renaissance: Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo da...

Di"wine" love

Two long stems glasses are slightly inclined, two brushstrokes of wine emerge from them, forming a ruby-coloured heart on a very white background....

Angelic sadness

White background with greys and black for a face in black and white in the foreground, only the lips are red, semi open in an expression of angelic...

Many doors

Doors have a great charm; on this canvas we can observe many of them and think of as many people passing through them and think of as many houses...


This canvas shows a field shower head waiting only for a slight breeze to strip off the last feathers. The contrast between the white of the flower...

Latin elegance

The upper part of a beautiful woman's face looks at us while we observe her hands holding two fans that cover her mouth, chin and part of her body....

Artistic vortices

This canvas represents a lathe in the colours of light and dark grey. The vortices represented throughout the painting form the object in the...

Las Musas de Kandinski

Geometric figures composed of sinuous and soft lines joined to straight lines make up the four female-looking figures depicted on this canvas. We...