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Three famous abstract paintings

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The desire to represent reality in a different and original way, far from the conventional rules, was the basis of the birth of Abstractionism; the founders...

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About Leonardo da Vinci

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There are many curiosities about the figure of Leonardo Da Vinci, but scientists continue to reveal information about this genius and today we have collected...

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Paul Klee and his ideas on colour

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Paul Klee was born in Münchenbuchsee on 18 December 1879; he was a Swiss painter coming from a family made up of his father, who was a musician of German...

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Kazimir Malevich, the suprematist painter

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Born in Kiev on 23 February 1878, Kazimir Malevich was a painter considered one of the pioneers of geometric abstractionism, as well as of Russian...

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The Kiss by Hayez

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Created by Francesco Hayez, one of the greatest exponents of Italian Romanticism, the painting "The Kiss" depicts two lovers greeting each other with a kiss....

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Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec, the soul of Montmartre

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Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec is born on 24 November 1864 in Albi, in a noble family and since he is a child, he shows a great interest in painting, hunting and...

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